Credit Union Membership/Shareholder

At FTU-CTCL, being a member means you are both a member and a shareholder.  A better relationship that ensures your needs always comes first; giving you the power to take ownership of your financial future!
We are committed to your financial future and want to empower you to make the best decisions for your well being.  When you open an account, you uniquely become both a member and a shareholder of Fiji Hideaway Resort & Spa.
We always consider your convenience and ways to save you money for your daily needs and in planning for your future security.  We offer personal and mortgage loans, dividends on savings and much more!
We have always responded to the changing needs of our members and continue to innovatively meet your needs.

Who Can Be A Member

No Persons Shall Exercise the Right of A Member until his/her:

Immediate Benefits

Become A Member Today!

To become a member, simply visit us at 1-3 Berry Road, Suva or our branch offices to enquire. 
You can also save yourself sometime by downloading and filling the Membership Application and sending to your nearest branch.
Once you submit the form, you will get a confirmation once the deductions at source starts to resume.

So Why Wait Apply Now!!!