All resort bookings are to be done in person over the counter, on line/fax/phone direct to the resorts reservations system in accordance with the resorts reservation policies as follows:

  • All booking to be done in advance at least thirty (30) days with confirmed check-in and check-out dates.
  • All cancellations as per Resorts cancellation policies.
  • All date changes as per Resorts date change policies.
  • The Resort shall confirm within 24 hours availability and issue booking references.
  • The Resort reserves the right to decline any bookings that does not meet the criteria and or when the resort’s guest booking to the maximum levels.
  • The FOC is exclusively for Frangipani Bures only.  Upgrading to any other room configuration will result in members paying the difference in rates.
  • No FOC benefits will be accumulated if not taken during the year.
  • In case of natural disasters a confirm booking reference is required to change or claim the FOC night missed.
  • Upfront refundable cash deposit of $150.00 to be paid on arrival and/or during reservation for members only and for non member’s normal resorts policies applies.
  • Loan form to be duly filled if there is need to finance the extra from CTCL loan accounts.  This needs prior approval in the form of approval reference from CTCL loans department.
  • The Resort management’s decision on availability and confirmation of bookings shall be final and cannot be challenged-legally or otherwise by any parties.

FOC Regulations

The FOC term is used as free of charge and is applicable to members/shareholders only for:Free accommodation for max 2 adults and 2 children (12 yrs & less) per room with share balance of minimum $1950.00.

  • Free continental breakfast for Max 2 adults and 2 children (12yrs & less) only provided there is billing evidence of satisfactory level (averaging $20.00 per pax per day) of in-house food & beverage consumed by the same.  Otherwise normal breakfast rates apply and payable by the Privilege Card holder during checkouts.
  • Maximum of three(3) FOC per member for lifetime per year provided the member maintains the shares for at least 12 months from the date of purchase.  Members who do not comply with this provision shall have his or her shares for recovery before withdrawal or sale is approved.
  • Under this scheme the Privilege Card Holders are strictly not to bring any food or beverage from outside the resort.
  • A levy of $110.00 per night will be charged to the rooms and deducted from the deposit if card holders are caught abusing the FOC regulations and Resorts policies.
  • Card holders/Members to pay for cost of any missing items and or damage to the property.  Members refusing to comply shall have their loan account debited with justifiable amounts with 2 quotations from the suppliers and maintenance dept.
  • Abusing card holder’s benefits will be suspended and shareholder to face BOD disciplinary committee for uplifting /renewal.  The committee reserves the right to completely cancel the benefits and refund any shares to the member.
  • The BOD reserves the right to reduce all the FOC benefits for the financial viability of the resort at all times.
  • Members are strictly not allowed to sell his or her FOC to general public.
  • Members cannot claim his or her FOC nights if the resort is not able to register their booking.
  • Non members using the FOC benefits of members needs CTCL approval first and do not qualify for FOC breakfast and discount on F&B.